Time to Grow

It occurred to me today on my walk with the dogs that the grass in this picture that I took not only managed to grow up through the cracks in this heavily traveled main street in my neighborhood, but it has even managed to push out some of the pavement. Not only did the grass have the pavement as an obstruction, and the heavy traffic, but it is also winter!

I was thinking about the many occasions in my life when I just felt stuck or trapped.  Other times I was scared or frustrated that I couldn’t see my way out of a situation. There were also the dark nights of the soul.  I know I’m not alone here.  We all go through “stuff.”  The point is, we “go through.”  Sometimes WE go through, and other times we can’t even recollect how the heck we GOT through, right?  The point is, we did, and we likely will again!  It is hard to remember or have the patience for it when we are in the thick of it.  But is is imperative that we remember!

So back to this grass….  🙂  Here is the good news part.  That grass can’t “see” the light, yet it is designed to reach upward towards the light — even in the dead of winter; even underneath tons of pavement; even with vehicles running over it many times a day; even covered completely in darkness; even without external encouragement.  We would consider these conditions less than favorable, and perhaps even impossible.  Yet it grows.

I am not known widely for my patience, but as I have grown older, I am learning daily to just let things “be” and wait them out.  I suppose that’s growing.  What I know is that it almost always works out, but when it doesn’t and I look back, it really did work out for my highest good.  I suppose that’s growing, too… the realization of that.  I did some big growing standing on that street looking at that grass for a few minutes.  Now I know that it’s not just about waiting it out, but there’s something for me to do while I’m “stuck” or “trapped” or “can’t see.”

It’s time to grow right where I am.

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