“There Is Never Nothing Going On” and “There Are No Ordinary Moments” (Way of the Peaceful Warrior)

Facebook and other social networking is like an out-of-body experience sometimes.  It is kind of like hovering over everyone’s lives invisibly, and silently (or not) watching all the activities.  I am constantly amazed and reminded every day that no matter what goes on… well, it just keeps going round and round again.  Folks have family events, get married, loved ones transition from this world, we buy new homes, kids graduate, babies are born, meals are eaten, recipes shared, someone is injured or takes ill….  For some, an event is breathless, tragic, and time feels like it stops for a moment.  At the very same time somewhere else, someone is celebrating, and yet another is wishing time would stand still if only for a moment.  That person over there is wishing tomorrow would hurry up and come… and all the while we forget that we aren’t alone in all this, that “my world” is really only a teeny-tiny part of the whole of it all.  Yet none of it would exist if we did not say it was so, if we were not all here cooperating in it – willingly or not, knowingly or not.

The last couple weeks have been kind of a blur… yet so much has gone on with all of you.  I may have missed your important “thing” while I was in the blur.  Please feel free to share it here.

It is all important.  “There Is Never Nothing Going On” and “There Are No Ordinary Moments.”

One love.  Namasté.

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