Here I am, and what makes me an expert!

So, here I am — a person with so much to say and suddenly stumped as to where to start!

I like writing.  I always have, and I have a lot to say.   I think a lot — about everything, and so I thought it time to start writing it all down.  It is beginning to take up so much space in my head!

I should be clear here that I like to write, except term papers.  I hate those!  There’s so many formatting rules!  You may not see much of that here — just a warning.

I am new to blogging, so be kind.

Some not-so-personal things about me:  I am a 48 year old mother of three grown men, each of whom I am immensely proud.  They also have a sister with another mother (we don’t say or consider “halves” in this family), and she will always be the little girl in my heart.  This makes me an expert on what NOT to do when you are raising boys… not necessarily on the right thing to do.  I consider myself an expert on past-tense child rearing.  We have always referred to my oldest son as “our experimental child.”  My oldest, youngest, and our girl live in another state, 900 miles away; my middle son lives at home.

I just married for the second time in September 2011, and I’m pretty sure I got it right this time.  There was nearly a 20-year span between marriages.  Thankfully, my new husband  has a sense of humor.  I wonder if the fact that he is a therapist/social worker is a plus?  <>  This makes me an expert on… what I should not have done the first time.  We have three dogs and a cat.  We just lost our beloved pit bull, Trouble, in November 2012.  Our animals are our family, too.  Yes, in case you were wondering, we are those nutty animal people.  This makes us experts on recognizing unconditional love.

I recently left my job with a large healthcare organization after going back to school.  I am now on a leave of absence for a few months… trying to figure out what to do with myself… or admit what it is I’m willing to do.

I am a Christian, though probably not in the mainstream way most people think of.  In time, I’m sure more of this will reveal itself.  I am very spiritual, and am re-learning to listen to my intuition and higher calling.  This makes me an expert in constantly remembering that all answers lie within me… and then remembering again….  Okay, maybe I’m an expert in being a work in progress!  Truth be told, I am in constant discovery mode.

I am probably a Democrat.  Most days.  Mostly, I am opinionated.

More personal – my fears:  I have a fear of succeeding big and having to be responsible for it.  I have a fear of intruding on others’ personal time with my mundane ramblings or thoughts.  Hence, this blog.  I have a fear that my fears will stop me, and they do.  Hence, this blog.  I have a fear that the thoughts that are so profound and important to me will fall on deaf ears, so I don’t speak them out loud a lot.  Hence, this blog.  I am experimenting on readers, I guess.  I am expert at being afraid of invisible feelings.

Mostly, I am not the perfect anything, other than being perfectly me – the only one there is. So that makes me an expert on me.

My blog will simply be my random thoughts — my journal out-loud.  Thank you for coming here.  If you choose to comment, please mind the “House Rules.”


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