Haikus by Night

Your expectations

Are a box I cannot fit

Keep them for yourself

You know you were wrong

You treated my son so bad

That’s why we don’t talk

So done with people

Who think they can mistreat me

You called yourself friend

Lesbians are bad

And Muslims are even worse

He says in his hate

Taken for granted

They are God’s gift to mankind

Take care of your pets

You should be ashamed
You can’t look in the mirror

But you pretend well

I took your photo

Then you asked me for my hand

Now we have four dogs

I asked God for you

No, I don’t mean by your name

He knew anyway

Tell me how you knew

You were supposed to show up

Did you hear my prayer

Can’t sleep, racing thoughts

So much on my mind tonight

So I write haikus

My head is on fire

Nothing can extinguish it

Please God rescue me